Out-of-state foster dog reported missing in the QC found, adopted

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UPDATE: A dog that was rescued from Oklahoma but ran off as soon as she was being taken to a foster home in Davenport has been found.

The cattle dog was on the run for six days before finally being caught — not far from where she ran off.

Ruff Life Dog Rescue, a group based out of Davenport, brought Charlotte to the Quad Cities after she was saved from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma.

The group set up live traps with food in hopes of finding her, and Charlotte was eventually found near one of them.

It turns out Charlotte’s former foster family back in Oklahoma decided to adopt her, so she will begin her new life back where she came from.

EARLIER UPDATE: A rescue dog from Oklahoma named Charlotte was on her way to a brighter future here in the Quad Cities when she went missing. The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals had saved Charlotte from a hoarding situation in Tulsa.

With the help of Ruff Life Dog Rescue, she was set to begin a new life in Davenport.

Charlotte is entirely on her own in a new city. While she is very friendly with other dogs, she is very skittish around humans. Her caretakers worry about her ability to fend for herself all alone.

Lack of food and water represent only a fraction of the concern for Charlotte, as she has been known to run across busy streets. She has been spotted a few times — each time, she was near a busy road and escaped before caretakers could save her.

It is important that, if you do spot this young, loose puppy, you know how to properly handle the situation to best ensure Charlotte has a safe return to Ruff Life Dog Rescue.

Do not approach her. Rather, reach out to Ruff Life Dog Rescue or the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals via Facebook or call 918-948-5908 or 720-255-8780.

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