Four democratic presidential candidates spent their Labor Day speaking to people in the Quad Cities.

Michael Bennet, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar and Marianne Williamson explained why they want to be president at the Rock Island County Democratic Party’s Labor Day Picnic.

The candidates also spoke about the importance of labor workers. Each had 10 minutes to speak to the audience.

Some people attending the event were using it as a way to hear from the candidates firsthand.

“It gives us a lot better opportunity to learn what their actual platforms are and what you know what they’re going to offer as far as their presidency,” said Karen Wright, from Rock Island County.

This also gives people the opportunity to hear where the candidates stand on certain issues.

“Well it’s always important to see the candidates in person, particularly if you have a certain issue you want to discuss with them,” said Karene Nagel, from Davenport.

Her biggest issues she wanted the candidates to discuss was the environment.

This was the 52nd year this picnic has taken place. Four presidential candidates was a record for the event.