Some sidewalks are still covered in snow — and now ice — due to freezing drizzle.

This is making it difficult for some people to walk outside, especially mail carriers and delivery drivers, who are asking customers to clear off snow and ice.

USPS says having a clear walkway will help deliveries go more smoothly while keeping letter carriers safe from hazardous conditions.

Keeping the public safe in icy conditions is also a concern.

Local medical emergency professionals like Jeremy Pessman, a spokesperson for Davenport MEDIC EMS, say it’s important to not only be cautious but to also be alert and look out for neighbors.

“It’s just important to kind of look out for yourself, as well as your neighbor,” said Pessman. “You see it all the time where, maybe somebody elderly is out trying to shovel their walk or something, and they may fall in the ice, and then hypothermia or frostbite sets in pretty quickly.”

Representatives from MEDIC EMS say they have already seen a noticeable increase in weather-related calls this season.

They add, whether you’re driving or walking in the snow, preparation is key to dealing with icy conditions.

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