We live in the day and age of entrepreneurship and hustle. Often times, the hard work only gets harder the older you get. However, for 15-year-old Cory Carter, the grind started a long time ago.

Carter started selling fruits and vegetables from his garden when he was 13 years old. He gave it to his neighbors before he started selling it.         

“It’s a lot of work, a lot of weed pulling and a lot of watering. And it’s only me,” says Carter.

He said that he’s always liked giving back to his community. After years of free labor, Carter decided it was time to make some money.  

“The corn is grown in Long Grove, where I go pick it every morning. The tomatoes I had to barter with the Amish, with some of my melons. The cucumbers, bell peppers and potatoes are grown by me,” says Carter.

The young farmer wakes up at 4 a.m. to shuck his corn. He then gathers all the produce he grows in his own garden and sells it to the community. Carter says his work ethic runs in the family.

“The people who inspire me the most would be my grandpa and my mom. They are hardworking people,” he said. He started the garden off as a means for providing for his mom.

“I’m a provider and a giver, so I thought, why give to just me and my mom, when I can give to the whole community?” Carter said.

He also has big plans in mind for the future.

“Five years from now, maybe I could have multiple stands, maybe even a bigger stand or a grocery store someday,” says Carter.

He sells produce at 3803 Rockingham Road in Davenport. He’ll be there every day noon until 6 p.m. until school returns in the fall.