Friends fondly remember deceased Hampton police chief

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Hampton Chief of Police Terry Engle passed away in a vehicle accident over the weekend.

Local 4 spoke with some of Engle’s friends, including Musa Neziroski, owner of Brothers Family Restaurant.

He says everyone was shocked to hear the news.

“I drove to the police station because I didn’t want to believe it.”

Today, residents and those in surrounding areas are honoring the fallen hero.

According to Albany Chief of Police Wyatt Heyaert, Engle was someone to admire.

“He was very humble and kind. Had many many friends and not an enemy to speak of. And in our line of work, that’s hard to come by.”

Neziroski said he was the most loving, caring person, one could ever meet.

The appreciation can be seen thorughout the area.

Neziroski fondly remembers the interactions he shared with Engle in his restaurant.

“We always sit and chit chat and joke about it. He will be very much missed as a friend.”

Flags are at half staff, and a memorial is outside the window of his office.

He died responding to an emergency call Saturday night when most others were at home preparing for Easter Sunday with their families.

But that’s the job of a small town police chief, something that, according to Heyaert, Engle loved being.

“Its a life of dedication and sacrifice. Yeah we’re a chief, but we’re also patrolmen, at times we’re an investigator. And being short staffed at the time, he was covering a Saturday evening shift. And that’s not something you see common of chiefs. That’s who he was. He was for the good of the mission.”

And Neziroski says, you could see it in his work.

“He would be the first to come inform us that you have to watch for 100 dollar bills or counterfeit money or somebody’s in town or something.”

He is missed, but not forgotten.

“He was a gentle soul. He’s someone who will be remembered because all he cared about was being a good person.”

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