From the sewer to safety: Volunteers help rescue kitten trapped for hours

Local News

A Silvis kitten is recovering well this weekend after being rescued from a sewer.

That kitten hitched a ride underneat the hodd of an SUV on a drive to an AuoZone in Silvis. After the SUV arrived, the kitten took off, fell down a sewer and ended up stuck in the pipe.

Dennis Becht, the store’s sales manager called Silvis Fire Department and animal control for help. The rescue took until the wee hours of the morning, when the cat eventually was rescued.

He described the incident:
“Late at night, a customer showed up with a kitten under the hood of their car,” he said. “When they arrived, it got scared and it ran into a swere, and that would be the start of a long night.” Betch also called public works and an animal-rescue team to try to save the kitten.

“I couldn’t handle knowing that if something wasn’t done that that little kitten was going to die,” Becht said.

He also called his friend Julie Good, who was formerly with the Quad-City Animal Rescue Team. Good said the rescue was difficult.

“It was about 30 or 40 feet worth of pipes that she was in so we tried the net,” Good said. “The net was too big for the poles in the hole. We did try a trap down in the sewer hole. She did escape that twice. She ate the food that was in the trap, but her weight was too light to actually trigger the trap.”

It took them until 1:30 a.m. to finally get her out. After many attempts, they went to a last resort.

“The only way that we got her out was with kitten noises from YouTube,” Good said.

Good is now fostering the kitten, which her daughter named Twix. Good says Twix is doing well, considering the circumstances.

“She was vetted,” Good said. “She has an upper respiratory infection. She is injured on the nose and she has a little injury on the head and she will be healing. She is very underweight.”

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