Fulton Police cracking down on meth: They say problem isn’t going away

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Meth is becoming a big problem for one for one small town in Illinois.

Police say it’s a problem impacting the whole community, and it’s not going anywhere. They’ve already made 5 arrests since December 13th.

“It’s definitely a major problem,” says Alderman Sue Van Kampen.

A problem not only in small town Fulton, but all over. Police departments across the Quad Cities, are cracking down on meth to better fight crime, and to keep the streets safe.

“It’s not going away. We had 107 meth arrests in 2018, where in 2019 we only had 18,” says Sgt. Nick Neblung

He says the lower number of arrests doesn’t mean the problem is going away. He says in 2018 police were in position of better staffing, and that played a big part.

“We were full staffed there for a portion of 2018, during that time we were able to go out to enforce the traffic laws, we were able to enforce more of the narcotics, and work more investigations,” says Neblung.

The department also acquired Woz, their police dog.

“We’re full staffed for the first time in over a year, so we’re trying to get back into the swing of things, trying to get back into that staffing influx,” says Neblung.

He says whenever meth comes into a community, it brings with it illegal activity.

Neblung says, “Right now about anything that goes on whether it’s a theft of a motor vehicle or a theft of a purse or a retail theft, just in our community alone, we can directly tie all this back to methamphetamine use.”

“It doesn’t just affect the person that does it, it affects the family, the home life, and if they have children, it’s just a chain reaction all the way down. Also it can kill and that’s the sad part,” says Van Kampen.

Authorities say mist of the meth arrests come from traffic stops. They also say it’s important to lock vehicles, and keep your belongings secure.

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