Fun night out turns to disaster with flooded basement: ‘The water was everywhere’

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Rain over the weekend left a family without a working furnace or hot water.

Almost three inches of rain fell on the Quad Cities over the weekend. Rachel McHugh and her husband got back to their home in Milan after the rain and found their basement flooded.

A fun night out turned into a disaster when Rachel McHugh and her husband came back home.

“We got home and our alarm’s going off, we come to the stairs right there and we’re like oh shoot,” she said.

McHugh’s basement had flooded and the water level was higher than the first two steps.

“The water was everywhere, stuff was floating.”

This resulted in what would be a long few days of pumping out water.

“My husband had to go to the store just to get extra things to make it to the ditch out there,” she said.

Getting the water out was exhausting, but the damage that happened from the flooding added insult to injury.

“My husband got all of the water out to find out that our furnace is done. It’s shot. It’s toasted,” she said. “Our hot water heater, there’s evidently been a fire or some kind of shortage so we have no hot water.”

With temperatures getting into the 30s the next couple nights, not having a working furnace could get dangerous.

“We’re out and we have a 15-year-old child that lives here,” she said.

McHugh still is waiting for the company they rent from to fix some of the problems.

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