VNA Community Services and KCCDD will team up up again for their fourth annual “Put Your Heart Into It” fundraiser, according to a news release.

This month-long event is meant to bring visibility and funding to the plight of food-insecure seniors of Knox County. 

Ice cream, beer, breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, coffee, and many other items will be sold by local businesses to help food-insecure seniors of Knox County. More than 10 Knox County businesses have already joined the cause. Lim’s Ice Cream has pledged $1 for every double scoop/Jr. double scoop sold on the 19th. Tres Café is donating at least $1,000 to the cause and 10% of sales after $10,000 over the course of two separate dates, Feb 14 and 24. Also, The Landmark, Innkeepers, Culvers, Lenny’s, and Iron Spike have committed to offering a percentage of sales on various days throughout February. 

VNA’s Executive Director Michael John Bennett said “It is so refreshing and humbling to see so many area businesses take interest in helping vulnerable members of our community. We currently have a 275+ recipient list of food insecure seniors that dwell within Knox County, and it takes about an average of $1,500 a year to feed a single senior on our program. Our list has more than quadrupled in size since pre-pandemic and there is no sign of slowing. It doesn’t take long to add up.  So, February has been our big push to help bolster our coffers and get folks talking about the food-insecure seniors of Knox County.”

“These businesses are not only bringing much needed funding to a cause that sees no shortage of need, but also bringing visibility to the plight of folks who can’t always advocate for themselves,” he said. “What better way to show your support for local businesses and seniors than to partake in an extra indulgence or two?”

Anyone 60+ who is experiencing any barrier to proper nutrition is encouraged to call VNA and set up on their Home Delivered Meals program. 

The VNA is a Knox County senior social services agency. Its mission is to provide programs and services that allow local seniors to maintain or improve their quality of life so that they can remain thriving in their homes. For more information, call 309-342-1152