Plans are coming together to link a popular bike trail through a historic Moline neighborhood.

River Action showed Local 4 News the plans on Tuesday. This trail would link Sylvan Island with the Floreciente neighborhood. Right now, River Action is trying to raise more money to get the planning and design stage finished.

“We’ve been working with the Floreciente neighborhood and Keystone over in Rock Island to find a better and safer way to get to Slyvan Island from their neighborhood,” said River Action Executive Director Kathy Wine.

Right now, the plan is a drawing on a piece of paper.

“We are working with a planner and designer to do the design engineering and permitting,” said Wine.

River Action is more than halfway to the money needed for these changes. Fundraising is under way, with a need for $35,000 to complete the engineering, design and the permitting.

Once permits and the design are in place, funding to wind the path through this historic neighborhood would likely come from government and private grants.

“Sylvan Island is a beautiful park,” said Wine. “The neighborhood that we are connecting to it is very involved in the history of the island.”

It’s a history going back to the mid-1900s. Early immigrants and settlers of the Floreciente neighborhood worked on Sylvan Island. Now, supporters hope people can enjoy the area for other reasons.  

“Bird watching, mountain biking, walking, fishing,” said Wine. “It’s right in the middle of the community and wonderful and exciting things happen there.”

The fundraiser is more than halfway to its goal.