Furious fans flip out online over football calls

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Fan bases who complain about bad calls on Twitter

Quad Citians are no doubt getting ready for the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis as #13 Iowa battles #2 Michigan.

Do you have everything you need to watch the game?

Snacks? Check.

Drinks? Check.

Lucky jersey? Check.

Twitter account? Huh???

Collegiate fan bases can be especially supportive of their favorite teams, and social media can be the platform for arguing about bad calls in games. The team at Wetten gathered twitter data collected in the last month, tracking negative tweets about college football officiating in regard to each ranked team.

As no surprise, Hawkeye fans are loyal to their team, ranking at #6 in the study. Here are the top 10 fan bases tweeted about bad officiating (based on the number negative tweets in the last month):

1, Alabama – 8138
2. Michigan – 7625
3. Arkansas – 6097
4. Ohio State – 4849
5. Oklahoma – 3297
6. Iowa – 2080
7. Oklahoma State – 1440
8. Michigan State – 1429
9. Georgia – 895
10. Clemson – 884

(image courtesy of Wetten)

Did your team make the list?

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