Galesburg District 205 Board of Education approve the second phase for the Galesburg High School project

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This week the Galesburg District 205 Board of Education approved the second phase of construction bids for the Galesburg High School project.

The project was made possible after the district took several bonds to start on the project.

The first phase of the project focused on the kitchen in the building and the second phase is considered to be the biggest part of the project.

The total project of the high school is roughly $43 million and phase two is set to be $26 million.
According to the District Superintendent Dr. John Asplund the project will be completed by the end of next year.

“So we’re trying to be very aggressive so that by next August we should have use of most of the building and then by December then the idea is to be full completion so a year from now we’re hoping to be full completion of that facility,” said Dr. Asplund.

Once the project is finished about 1,800 students will be enjoying the new campus.

“It’ll be adding to the north end of the building for a 10th to 12th academic wing and then a full remodel of the existing building the office the classroom everything basically but the gym,” said Dr. Asplund.

The biggest change will be for current 7th and 8th graders since they will become students at Galesburg High School, Dr. Asplund said this will be beneficial for their education.

“We’ve also found that there’s a lot of advantages to having a 7th through 12th in term of efficiency in terms of academic enrichment in terms of academic support we feel like this is a lot better for our students over all when they get in that 7th through 12th facility,” said Dr. Asplund.

Angelica Mangieri is a parent in the district who believes the change will be great for younger students.

“To understand what expected of them in high school to know homework demands and the classroom demands and just kinda a new routine that they have to learn to be a better student,” said Mangieri.

Her son Giovanni is a freshman at Galesburg High School and has been doing remote learning due to the pandemic. He said he’s excited to see what his high school will look like when he goes back.

“I am looking forward to finally be in there and experience high school life cause I haven’t been able to do that because of that pandemic,” said Mangieri.

Phase three of the project will begin in February, that will include an addition to another band and choir room and a full remodel of the auditorium.

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