Galesburg man has tree knocked down, then has to drag it out of the street during the storm

Local News

Galesburg had plenty of damage from today’s storm. A power line caught fire and many tree’s fell over at the Standish Park Arboretum just across from the Knox County Courthouse.

Josh Moore is a Galesburg resident and he had a chaotic scene outside of his home. A tree was knocked down and multiple limbs were in the middle of the street which caused Moore to act quickly to clear the road.

“My wife had called and said that a tree had fallen and so I rushed home and noticed that the tree was actually out in the street covering one of the lanes and so my son got his truck and we hooked the tow strap up to it and drug it out of the street.”

Moore was actually fixing a porch when the severe weather rolled in.

“I was in another part of town and I drove home through the rain and by the time I got here and got the tree out I was soaking wet and covered in rain.”

Moore says that the drive home was very difficult with how hard it the rain was coming down.

“It was hard to see. It was coming down. Very thick. The wind was strong, it blew my van around the road a little bit.”

Now his yard looks like a jungle. The next step is the cleanup.

“I’ll be getting saws out and we’ll be chopping up the tree’s and dispose of them.”

Thankfully, there was no property damage and nobody was injured.

“It didn’t hit any cars or anything and my wife was just leaving and it didn’t hit her car. We’re very fortunate.”

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