A 28-year-old Galesburg man was sentenced to 26 years in prison Monday in Knox County Court after he pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder in Galesburg.

Kyle D. Reddick was arrested in connection with the New Year’s Day shooting on Monroe Street, says a release from Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin.

About 2 a.m., Lakota Beach was driving with three passengers. Beach parked in the driveway of her friend’s house on Monroe Street. Before she could finish texting her friend that the car was in the driveway, Reddick came out of the house and shot at the car from the porch, Karlin says.

All four people were struck by gunfire and were able to take themselves to the hospital for treatment, police said. At the time, police expected them to recover from their injuries.

Later, Reddick was located and arrested by the U.S. Marshals Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force in Las Vegas.

Reddick must serve 85% of his sentence, the release says.

“This is a good outcome,” Karlin said in the release. “We have avoided the risks of trial while sending a strong message to the community that gun violence will not be tolerated. Let me make this message clear: If you commit a gun crime, you will go to prison.”

In the release, Karlin thanked Galesburg and Illinois State police for their hard work.