The Galva Arts Council got a $25,000 grant to continue the summer concert series at Wiley Park.

It’s the third year the council received the Levitt AMP grant.

John Taylor, one of the organizers for the series, is an Iraq War veteran.

He says he got the idea for the concert series from his love of music which helped him deal with PTSD.

“Music can be that thing. It can be that thing that pulls you out of a dark place…and allows you to move forward,” Taylor said. “Basically turn pain into something that is powerful.”

That’s what John Taylor found out when he came back from Iraq.

“I came home, and when I came home, I felt disconnected from not only the average person. but everyone I’ve ever known.”

Taylor played concerts at his home to share what he loved with folks from his town to help overcome this disconnect.

This is what led to him finding Levitt’s AMP grant online.

He says that he went to Galva to find a partner for the grant because he wanted to help a small community have a chance to share new experiences.

“To me, growing up, I’ve lived in small towns all my life,” Taylor said. “And to have the opportunity to see performers from all over the world, and for free…that to me…it’s a priceless thing.”

Taylor says that music can help anyone recall the good times, and cope with the darkness they’re going through.

“To me, in life, the things that are important are those memories,” Taylor said. “Those memories of those people, those places, those times, those are the things that are important. And music is a great gateway to access those memories.”

Visit Galva’s Levitt AMP music series’ Facebook page here.