The city of Geneseo has a new city administrator, Brandon Maeglin, approved by the City Council at the July 12, 2022 meeting.

Maeglin has been with the city of Geneseo since 2016 and was appointed as the Interim City Administrator on Feb. 1, 2022, after JoAnn Hollenkamp resigned from Geneseo for another opportunity. Prior to the Interim Administrator assignment, Maeglin served as Geneseo’s HR Director and City Clerk.

Maeglin’s salary is $97,850 and he will have 12 months to move into city limits, according to a city release. Outside of his role at the city, Maeglin also serves as a volunteer board member for the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce, Henry County Economic Development Partnership, and Seal Family Legacy.

“I am excited to continue my journey with the city of Geneseo and become a Geneseo resident,” he said in the release. “The city’s workforce will continue with our mission in growing Geneseo’s reputation as a great place to live, work and visit in the greater Quad Cities area.”

Mayor Sean Johnson issued a statement:

The Administration and staff welcome Brandon into his new role as City Administrator. Brandon taking on the City Administrator role is just another example of the city of Geneseo’s commitment to our employees and their career development while employed with us.

“By training and developing leaders at all levels, we are able to remain a competitive and attractive employer in the area,” the mayor said. “Brandon has a unique understanding of the community dynamics with his time spent executing the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources Director and City Clerk, as those duties by nature are very much intertwined in the day-to-day work that a City Administrator is expected to oversee.”