Genesis has seen an increase of patients over the age of 60 due to COVID

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The president of Genesis said this is the third wave.

Doug Cropper said the epicenter for this spike started in Wisconsin, then it went to Minnesota, to Iowa and Illinois.

Genesis Health System is now treating 105 COVID-19 patients, that’s the most since the pandemic began.

They have seen an increase of people in their emergency rooms.

They’re asking patients that if they have severe symptoms to go to the emergency room but otherwise there is a hotline they can call to receive information on testing sites in the area.

Genesis has seen an increase of patients over the age of 60.

“If you’re older 60 plus you need to take more serious percautious, wearing a mask social distancing, washing your hands, avoiding large groups or groups outside of your home because the percentage of people that get hospitalized as the age goes up is much much higher for the 60+ and as you talked about for those who have underline cronic conditions,” said Cropper.

The hotline number is (563) 421-3820 and it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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