Genesis Health System ICUs at full capacity, around half of occupied beds are COVID-19 patients

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A familiar problem has arisen for local hospitals as the COVID-19 surge continues. Genesis Health System is now at full capacity in its ICU at both its Davenport and Silvis locations, with the delta variant being the big reason why.

As of this afternoon, all 20 ICU beds are in use at Genesis Health System’s Davenport location, nine of them with COVID patients. In Silvis, all six ICU beds are in use, four of which are COVID patients.

A spokesperson with Genesis said today the COVID patients they are seeing now are younger and in worse condition than those they have been seeing any other time throughout the pandemic. This has brought a challenge to their system’s goal of always having at least one ICU bed open.

In fact, the lack of beds isn’t just an issue at Genesis – it’s everywhere locally, even nationally, and it’s already impacting people who are in need of care. Genesis confirmed that one patient had to be flown to a hospital all the way in Milwaukee on Monday to get treated, because Genesis and every other health system nearby didn’t have room for her.

A spokesperson with Genesis said today that since December 15, 2020, they’ve had 857 COVID patients, only 26 of which were vaccinated. That means 97% of their COVID patients since December have been unvaccinated individuals.

The spokesperson said that if you want to help free up ICU beds, the best way to do that is to get the vaccine, lowering your risk of becoming on of their patients.

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