Genesis Health System is making an investment in PPE equipment

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Genesis Health System is making an investment in PPE, it’s partnered with Premier. Inc a healthcare improvement company to acquire a stake in Prestige Ameritech which makes face masks and surgical masks.

Lisa Rogalski is the Genesis Health System Director of Materials Management and said they will be partners for at least six years.

“Genesis is committed to buying 100% of our N-95 masks and our surgical masks and pretty much all of our procedure masks through this new company with Premier but we also have committed to purchase a stock pile which will help us if we have a future surge or if we have a large flu season we’ll be prepared,” said Rogalski.

With this new partnership they will no longer have to worry about running out of supplies.

“One of the best parts of the agreement is this protects us as well as it guarantees that we’re going to have quality products coming in to our supply chain,” said Rogalski.

Before this new partnership Genesis had between 100 to 150 days worth of PPE products.

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