Genesis Medical Center in Aledo marked National Rural Health Day by receiving two prestigious national awards last week.

First, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health named Genesis Medical Center in Aledo as one of their 2023 Community Stars. Nationwide, only 39 rural healthcare facilities received the honor.

“The annual recognition program honors remarkable individuals and organizations going above and beyond for rural health,” said an announcement on Power of Rural’s website. “They exemplify the true spirit of collaboration, turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring access to quality care, and fostering a sense of unity and support within our rural communities.”

Next, the center earned a 2023 Performance Leadership Award for excellence in quality. The Performance Leadership Awards are compiled by the Chartis Center for Rural Health and honor top quartile performances (75th percentile or above) among rural hospitals in quality, outcomes and patient perspective.

Ted Rogalski, administrator of Genesis Medical Center in Aledo, said he was delighted by the honors.

“Our hospital exemplifies the power of rural,” said Rogalski. “The overwhelming amount of community collaboration and internal teamwork is key to our success. Additionally, our size allows us to know our patients and community. Not only does this provide us with a clinical benefit in delivering compassionate, effective care; it also supports our culture of friends and family caring for friends and family.”

“It’s a great testament to the dedicated and talented team at Genesis Medical Center, Aledo to be recognized by the Chartis Center,” he continued. “Health care is increasingly difficult in these post-pandemic years, so to see our hospital receive accolades for performance and quality speaks volumes about the care our colleagues provide.”