Genesis Health System saw more than 400 patients Monday, Jan. 3 at their Lombard Street COVID-19 testing site in Davenport, and the long waits resulted in some very frustrated, unruly people.

Those waiting for COVID tests experienced exceedingly long lines and wait times, reaching up to three hours, according to Kurt Andersen, M.D., Genesis’ chief medical officer. This was a similar experience for those patients seeking care from the Genesis Emergency Departments and Convenient Cares.

“Our current volumes are exceeding any we have experienced throughout this pandemic,” Andersen said on Tuesday, noting the 7-day symptomatic positivity rate at Genesis also has reached a historic level at nearly 40%.

As a reminder, the Genesis testing site is only for those who have a provider order, he said.

Dr. Kurt Andersen is chief medical officer of Genesis Health System.

“Our message to the public continues to be get vaccinated or boosted, wear your mask, social distance, and stay home if you are sick,” Andersen said. “If you need care, please contact your primary care provider first, unless needing immediate emergency care. 

“Unfortunately with these long waits, we are experiencing disappointing behavior from a few community members who have been disruptive with our staff,” he said. “We entered this pandemic as health care heroes, and this week our staff has endured being yelled at, foul language and even physical aggression.

“We will not tolerate this disruptive behavior from patients and family members,” Andersen said. “We ask the community to please be kind to one another, and remember that we have to be in this together as we try to get through the challenges of this pandemic.”

Effective today, Jan. 4, Genesis Convenient Care locations will close at 7 p.m. to ensure that staff can meet increased patient demand. For more information on COVID, click HERE.