The Genesius Guild is continuing their long history of presenting classical Greek drama by staging Euripides’ play “Iphigenia in Aulis” June 24 and 25, and July 1 and 2.

All performances begin at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Don Wooten Stage in Lincoln Park, 1120 40th St., Rock Island. Admission is free.

Last performed by the Genesius Guild in 1959 as just the third show ever produced by the Rock Island theater company, “Iphigenia in Aulis” is thought to have been written between 408 and 406 BCE, according to a company release.

Genesius Guild is performed for free in Lincoln Park, 1120 40th St., Rock Island.

While many Greek tragedies focus on the immediate aftermath of the Trojan War, “Iphigenia in Aulis” weaves a tale of what happened before the siege of Troy started. The Greeks have assembled an army, but are unable to get favorable winds to begin the sea voyage to Troy, according to a synopsis.

The Greek leader Agamemnon has learned that the goddess Artemis has stopped the wind from blowing, and that she refuses to allow the wind to blow until he sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia.

Over the course of the play, Agamemnon grapples with his decision, debating it with his brother Menelaus. Meanwhile, Agamemnon’s wife (Clytemnestra) is traveling to the camp with their children under the illusion that Iphigenia is being summoned to the camp so that she can be married to the Greek hero Achilles.

Clytemnestra, Iphegenia, and Achilles all learn the truth, and all angrily try to stop the sacrifice. Eventually Iphigenia realizes that she has no hope of convincing Agamemnon and the rest of the Greek army to save her life, and she agrees to be sacrificed.

Genesius Guild is a community theater organization specializing in free classical drama. Founded in 1956, the group performs Greek drama, Greek comedy, the works of Shakespeare, and other classical authors every weekend throughout the summer. For more information about the Guild, visit its website HERE.