Getting to Labor Day weekend destinations safe and sound

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The nearing Labor Day holiday will have law enforcement working to stop deadly traffic crashes.

It’s as roads will fill up with travelers looking toward one last long weekend to enjoy a splendid summer getaway.

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln told Local 4 News there’s no organized joint enforcement effort yet announced for the Labor Day weekend all across Iowa but that doesn’t mean the squads won’t be patrolling the streets and highways.

Camper Jim Carthy said, “We’ll just visit, sit around the campfire and eat and have a good time.”

The plans for enjoyment this upcoming weekend are simple for Jim Carthy, as he prepares for his family to join him at Park Terrace Campground.

Carthy said, “And the granddaughter will come in this Friday after school. We’ll pick her up and have her all weekend, and just hike around here and enjoy the park.”

That quiet, relaxing weekend is what Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said he and his deputies want to protect.

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said, “We have a grant program where deputies can sign up to work overtime just to do traffic enforcement, so we will have extra staff out on the roads over the Labor Day weekend.”

Sheriff Lincoln said no particular event or holiday lends itself to accidents.

Sheriff Lincoln said, “All my years here, I’ve tried to identify when and where and we never know.”

But he’s hoping to avoid a similar situation the Sheriff’s Office is coming off of this past weekend.

Sheriff Lincoln said, “Obviously we never like to have a fatality traffic accident. The odds of it happening twice in the same day at two different times, two different locations, pretty obscure.”

And the sheriff said just simple steps is all it takes to help prevent it from happening.

Sheriff Lincoln said, “Devices seems to be a major issue. Put the cell phone down. Please. Wear your seatbelt, don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol and use common sense.”

So the most can be made from this last taste of summer.

Carthy said, “Just enjoying each other, have a good time. That’s it.”

The deaths over the weekend were just the latest.

As of Monday, Aug. 26, 200 people have been killed on the Iowa roads.

That number is higher than at the same time in 2018.

In Illinois, 607 fatalities have been recorded, so significantly from the same point in 2018.

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