Giving thanks even after Thanksgiving: Farmers helping farmers

Local News

Giving thanks, even after Thanksgiving. 

That’s what one farmer is doing in Goose Lake, Iowa.

Perry Spain’s leg was caught in a corn auger inside as grain bin on October 25th, and he eventually needed an amputation. He went through seven surgeries in fourteen days.  

He didn’t’ have the opportunity to finish his harvest, so one weekend, all his neighbors, and area area farmers used their combines, and grain carts to finish picking his corn.

 “I don’t think they have any idea how this helps my healing for what they did. I mean it’s just I don’t know I can’t put in into words, I’m truthfully very. very thankful,” says Spain.

As far as recovery goes, Spain says he just had what he hopes to be his last surgery. He went through skin grafting, after that heals, the next step will be to get a prosthetic. 

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