Gone in 60 seconds: Despite the cold, suspect caught on camera stealing truck from non-profit

Local News

Car thefts have continued to make headlines in the Quad Cities. The latest victim is the non-profit One Eighty, an organization that tries to turn people’s lives around before they hit rock bottom.

On Monday, people from One Eighty were loading a truck for a home remodeling project when the truck was left running and was stolen.

“That morning it was minus 12 and so typically they leave the garage door open so they can see the vehicle and unload the tools and go in and out of the garage door,” said Rusty Boruff, One Eighty executive director. “But because it was so cold they had to shut the garage door so they were inside unloading tools in less than 60 seconds.”

Within those 60 seconds, the vehicle was gone.

Local 4 News obtained surveillance video of a man getting into the truck and driving off. Boruff believes that this man may have done things like this before; however, Boruff would like to offer him some help.

“Us as a non profit, that’s why we exist in this community.” Boruff said. “That gentleman could have walked up to our front door if he needed addiction help, if he was cold and needed a cup of coffee.”

Because of the vehicle being stolen, it has affected One Eighty’s operation in many ways. Boruff estimates many different staff members have combined to invest more than hours into this incident.

“The time and effort that we have put into getting another vehicle temporarily to replace that one, to find out if there’s anything in the vehicle, dealing with insurance, and that’s 20 or 30 hours we could have used to invest into other people’s lives,” he said.

With cars being stolen left and right in the Quad Cities, there was one thing on Boruff’s mind.

“Man I hope the truck doesn’t hurt somebody or there’s a high speed chase or something like that,” he said. “I found myself listening to the scanner a lot yesterday just hoping that they wouldn’t find this truck involved in a crash or something.”

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