Illinois Governor JB Pritzker paid a visit to Quad Cities International Airport to announce capital funding that will improve airports across Illinois, starting with the Quad Cities International Airport itself.

Pritzker says the state will be investing $94 million in doing work on airports across the state, with over $5 million going to the Quad Cities International Airport. The money will fund an entrance road realignment and expanded aircraft parking at the airport.

“Starting right here in the Quad Cities, we’re launching the largest statewide airport investment program in state history,” said Pritzker.

And it doesn’t stop there for local airports. Other airports in the Quad Cities area getting awarded funding from the state include Galesburg Municipal Airport and Kewanee Municipal Airport, who are being awarded over $1 million each, along with over $400,000 to Whiteside County Airport and nearly $200,000 to Tri-Township Airport.

All of this funding is coming from the bipartisan “Rebuild Illinois” capital program. In total, the state of Illinois will be investing $33.2 billion into transportation in the state through the program. On top of that, President Biden’s federal infrastructure plan will be sending an additional $17 billion to the State of Illinois.

Ben Leischner, the executive director of Quad Cities International Airport, thanked Governor Pritzker and his administration for investing in aviation.

“To all of our elected officials here today, and those all working hard throughout the state, thank you for hearing the call of aviation leaders in your districts that investment aviation is necessary and overdue,” said Leischner.