On Tuesday, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds announced $100 million in school safety funding to support Iowa’s 327 public school districts and 183 non-public and independent schools during a press conference with the Department of Public Safety, Department of Education and Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The new federal funding will provide vulnerability risk assessments free of charge for all 1,500 K-12 school buildings in the state and create a School Safety Improvement Fund making up to $50,000 available per school building to implement recommended safety measures.

The announcement comes just three weeks after a gunman killed 19 elementary school students and two teachers in Uvalde, Tex. The Governor’s School Safety Bureau is designed to better handle school safety measures.

“I wish we could say this is all unnecessary, but we cannot simply rely on the optimistic thought that it [mass shootings] would never happen here in Iowa,” said Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Stephan K. Bayens. “Reality mandates that we roll up our sleeves and we tackle this issue head on. We owe it to our kids, teachers and communities to do everything in our power to put action behind the prayer that’ll never happen again.”

The funds will be used towards the following resources —

  • Conduct vulnerability assessments on schools
  • Place emergency radios in every school building in Iowa
  • The option to make anonymous reports and concerns from students faculty and staff
  • The development of threat monitoring software
  • Provide active shooter training
  • Staffing the Governor Safety Bureau operations funding through fiscal school year 2026

Local school districts plan to be using these funds.

“Right now, some of the things were looking at is updating our radios and looking at increasing SRO officers with the city of Eldridge,” North Scott School District Superintendent Joe Stutting said of school resource officers.

“Every family should be able to confidently send their children to school knowing they’ll be safe,” said Gov. Reynolds. “These investments will make a tremendous impact on our ability to prevent violence in schools while also taking steps to ensure schools and communities are in the best position possible to respond to an active event.”