Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stopped in Davenport this evening to address the current landscape of mental health in the state.

She spoke at Vera French Community Mental Health Center and discussed the impacts that her mental health initiatives have had.

Medical marijuana can be used to treat disorders like PTSD, anxiety and autism, however, current Iowa cannibidol legislation only covers certain types of autism.

Reynolds vetoed an expansion bill to medical marijuana last year, citing THC level increases as her main concern.

With an increased focus on mental health issues, we asked Governor Reynolds what it would take for an expansion of current medical marijuana law this year.

“It went from a three percent cap to 25 grams daily, that was way too much over 90 days,” Reynolds said. “And so I’ve met with legislators over the interim and some this year, so we’ll talk about what that range should be, but that’s a big jump between where it currently is and where they proposed it go last year. So we’ll find some consensus I think. I’ve talked to both parties in both chambers and I think we’ll find some consensus. Probably won’t be what everybody likes, but, it’ll be movement and it will be movement in the right direction.”

Reynolds also touted her Future Ready Iowa Act at the meeting, which can be used to create more jobs for mental health professionals.