Governor Reynolds signs new proclamation opening campgrounds, drive-ins, and other businesses statewide on May 8

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On Wednesday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a new proclamation that allows some businesses to open statewide as well as businesses already open in the 77 counties but not the 22 counties still under tight restrictions starting May 8.

The businesses that can open statewide with certain restrictions include:

  • campgrounds
  • drive-in movie theaters
  • tanning facilities
  • medical spas.

Campgrounds must ensure social distancing and other measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Drive-in theaters must park cars at least six feet apart and maintain social distancing. Tanning facilities and medical spas also have certain restrictions they must follow.

Those businesses in the 22 restricted counties that are already open in the rest of the state that can open with certain restrictions include:

  • fitness centers
  • malls
  • other retail establishments.

Fitness centers are only allowed open on an appointment basis, only one patron at a time, and uses proper social distancing between employees and patrons. Malls must limit customers to 50% capacity, common areas and play areas must remain closed, and ensure social distancing of employees and customers. Retail establishments must also maintain a 50% occupancy with customers and implement social distancing.

Social and fraternal clubs will be allowed to open in all counties except the 22 still under tight restrictions. The clubs must maintain 50% occupancy, no group larger than six may sit together in the restaurant, and each group must be six feet apart. They will not be allowed any self-service of food or beverages, including buffets and salad bars.

The proclamation ends May 15 at midnight, at which time it will possibly either be extended or altered.

Dental services, also, can resume, but only those allowed under the guidelines for the safe transition back to practice adopted by the Iowa Dental Board on May 5.

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