UPDATE 5 p.m. July 19, 2022: “Republicans’ records just don’t match their rhetoric—Iowa Republicans like Reps. Miller-Meeks, Hinson, and Feenstra all voted against legislation to combat price gouging by oil and gas companies and measures to cap insulin prices,” Democratic National Committee spokesperson Ryan Thomas said in response to the event. “If Republicans aren’t going to help lower costs for Iowans, they should get out of President Biden and Democrats’ way as they do the heavy lifting.”

EARLIER: Gas prices will drop to January 2021 prices for two hours only in Davenport as part of a political stunt Tuesday.

Americans for Prosperity-Iowa, a conservative advocacy group, will host an event Tuesday, July 19, “to highlight the true cost of Washington’s bad policies and the pain runaway inflation is causing families and small business owners,” according to a news release.

AFP-IA will roll back the price of gasoline to $2.38 for customers at Big 10 Mart, 2308 W. 53rd St., Davenport, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., the release says. AFP-IA State Director Drew Klein, who will be at the event, said in a tweet that the organization will cover the difference.

“On the first day of the Biden Administration, the national average for gasoline was $2.38 a gallon,” the release says. “Today the average price for unleaded gas in Iowa has skyrocketed to $4.42 a gallon. To highlight this stark difference and the true cost of Washington’s policies, AFP-IA will be rolling back the price of gasoline to $2.38 for Big 10 Mart customers in Davenport.”

As of 7 a.m. Tuesday, the lowest price for unleaded gas in Davenport was $3.84 at Sam’s Club on Elmore Avenue and $3.91 at two other stations, according to GasBuddy.