Greater need for blood donations with upcoming holidays; How you can help

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Blood centers in the Quad Cities are in critical need of certain blood types.

The pandemic and upcoming holidays are just two reasons why staff at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center are asking for people to donate.

With the pandemic cancelling many school and church blood drives, that’s one way blood donations have been down.

With the upcoming holidays, the combination of blood centers being closed on holidays and people spending more time at home around this time of year, that’s another reason less donations are happening.

Currently, O+, O-, AB+ and AB- blood types are in critical need.

“Course, the challenge for the blood supply is that hospitals never stop treating patients,” said Kirby Winn, public relations manager for the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. “If a transfusion is needed, the blood has to be there, it has to be on the shelf ready to transfuse and so our message now is let’s get blood on the shelves, let’s have a strong blood supply prior to Thanksgiving, in spite of the pandemic we need to be there.”

Through January 17, if you donate blood, you can either receive a free t-shirt or a $10 gift card.

More information on scheduling an appointment can be found on their website.

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