Group that helps grieving parents offers meetings online

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A local support group for parents who have lost children is now offering online meetings.

This, as an attempt to reach more people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No Foot too Small typically holds its meetings throughout the year in different parts of Iowa.

Now, they are held online once a month.

Sarah Montgomery lost her six month old son Beckett in 2018 due to a rare genetic disease.

No Foot too Small gives her the chance to speak with other moms dealing with the loss of a child.

“I have no idea where I’d be in my grieving stage without No Foot too Small. I think that is something that really has brought us all together is just being able to talk to someone that gets it, maybe not exactly how we’re feeling but just can understand and vent.”

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group is offering ways for people to get the support they need.

“The online meetings are a little different just because you don’t get the like physical, but we had a lot of new faces so that is always really exciting for me to see especially because I remember going to my first mom’s group.

Sarah says the group has encouraged her to speak about her loss as a way to help her grieving.

“There is infant loss and there is pregnancy loss, and it’s okay to talk about the babies, and it’s great to say their name. I think I say Beckett’s name every day, and that’s something that I don’t know if I would’ve done had I not had No Foot Too Small encouraging me to talk about him and tell people about him.”

And that, Sarah says, has helped form a new support network for her.

“No Foot Too Small really has become a family for me, so having them be able to join our family when they can’t physically be with their’s was awesome to see.”

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