Grow Clinton, a newly formed non-profit organization, has chosen Andy Sokolovich to serve as the President & CEO.

Sokolovich, 39, lives in Clinton with his wife and three children and has been with the Clinton Regional Development Corporation since 2016, most recently serving as the Vice President of Economic Development.

Andy Sokolovich is the new president/CEO of the nonprofit Grow Clinton.

Grow Clinton was established following the March 31 merger of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) and the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC). The mission of Grow Clinton is yo promote business growth, build community, and advocate for the sustainable economic success of the Greater Clinton Region, according to a Thursday release.

As President & CEO, Sokolovich will oversee tourism, economic, and community development operations.

“I have been preparing for this role for a decade. Since arriving in Clinton in 2012, I have felt welcomed and supported. I have developed lifelong friendships and continue to build connections with leaders at the municipal, state, and federal levels,” he said in the release.

“I feel that my ability to engage and foster the growth of relationships will enhance the opportunities available to Clinton and the surrounding communities.” Sokolovich said.

As the Vice President of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation, he worked with local businesses, specifically manufacturers, to support expansions resulting in over $500 million of new capital investment into the region. He is also credited with launching talent attraction efforts such as Home Base Iowa and the Clinton County Community Student Loan Assistance Program.

“Sokolovich stepped up when asked to lead the merger of the CACC and CRDC,” said Paula Steward, Grow Clinton Board Chair. “While a strong group of staff and volunteers supported him, his efforts paved the way, ensuring the success of a process 15 months in the making. We have great confidence in his ability to lead the organization toward a prosperous future.”

The Grow Clinton office is at 721 S. 2nd Street in Clinton. Those interested in learning more about the recent merger are encouraged to contact Grow Clinton at 563-242-5702.