Gunfire leads to early morning chase and three behind bars

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Davenport police have three people in custody after early morning gunfire led to a chase.

It started around 12:30 this morning on Appomattox Road where there were reports of shots fired.

Officers found several shell casings and a vehicle that had been hit. Witnesses told the police to search for a tan van.

That van was spotted and fled from West 53rd and Brady Street. Officers then chased the vehicle until it crashed on the I-74 ramp.

Three of the four suspects who ran were caught.

Demarlo Eddings, Marcus Kelly and Teron Conley now face multiple charges. A handgun was also located by the vehicle.

A fourth subject ran away from police and has not been apprehended.

Local 4 News went back to the neighborhood Tuesday and spoke with residents.

Goose Creek Heights Neighborhood – the former Americana Park Neighborhood had its issues in the past but spent the last decade and a half on the upswing, but now long-time residents said they’ve seen signs of it going the other way.

Melvin Bibbs said he slept through the shots fired but some of his neighbors heard events just before the trigger was pulled.
While they didn’t wish to speak on camera, one neighbor said her husband heard shouting then gunshots, brief silence and then another volley.

Melvin Bibbs said, “I just hate to see my wife nervous and upset like that cause it’s hard to leave her at home alone when situations like this occur.”

He said it’s been less than a handful of times the block of the neighborhood has an incident this severe since moving in back in 1995.

Bibbs said, “More and more issues coming up. It’s not very severe but just minor stuff that comes up that’s leading up to the major stuff.”

Like many of his neighbors… Melvin points to some of the tenants in the duplex rentals and wants landlords to take a close look at who they have moving in.

Bibbs said, “We do have a rental property of our own and the best thing that works for us is that we screen them. We go through the application process and we also do a background check on them.”

In the time being… he and his close neighbors are keeping an extra eye out for each other.

Neighbors told Local 4 News they do see frequent patrols by police in the area.

No one was hurt by the shots fired incident.

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