We’re starting to see the impact of new money going to low-income housing projects in Davenport.

City council members approved money for three local nonprofits Wednesday night.

It will give 43 families new housing options.

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Kristi Crafton said they’re finalizing buying a property on West 58th Street from the City of Davenport.

This is one of the ways the organization gets families into homes who might never have the opportunity to own one otherwise.

“Once we acquire them, we will renovate them,” said Crafton. “It really helps our community thrive.”

The organization is currently helping 13 families.

Five will soon be moving into their new homes, five will start to build their homes this summer and three are working on their required volunteer hours before they start building their new homes.

“Approximately $50,000 a piece for us to renovate each one, and then they will become part of our program,” said Crafton. “Earn the hours they need in our program, and then we would sell the homes to them with a no-interest mortgage based on their individual income,” said Crafton.

Acquiring properties from the City is important to Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

“We work very effectively together, so when we heard about these scattered sites, we already know who does that, and so we all got together and presented a proposal to the City,” said Crafton.

She hopes this will help families live a better life.

“It’s so important, so that’s why this is such a monumental decision that the council made because … not just the four homes we will be getting, but all these scattered sites that are going to these agencies just bring further advancement to helping our community,” said Crafton.

Habitat for Humanity usually opens applications by the end of winter.

Families that qualify must attend classes and also work with mentors.

Projects were also approved for the Ecumenical Housing Development Group and Vera French Housing by city council during Wednesday’s meeting.