Hair salon struggles to get financial help

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Hair salons are not considered essential businesses these days and they have been closed for 6-weeks.

The Soteco Rhodes Salon is run by independent stylists which means they are self-employed.

This makes it harder for them to get any type of financial help from the government said hair salon owner Angie Walker.

“As a salon owner I cannot apply for any of the payment protection program or paychek protection program because I don’t give a paycheck,” said Angie Walker. “Everybody here is a private contractor we’re all self employeed including myself under the salon and as far as a salon owner I’m considered a landlord.”

Walker said that while the bills are piling up she is doing what she can to help the independent stylist who are at Soteco Rhodes Salon.

“I don’t feel it’s right to charge them rent so the salon makes rent that’s the only income from them but the mortage is still here the utilities are still here all the bills are still here even though we’re not working,” said Walker.

Walker has been working to find ways for them to open up.

“My thought is there’s seven of us here we could all work one day a week by ourselves with one client and since we’re less than 6 feet away we could wear masks and the next client would not come in until this client was gone,” said Walker.

Walker has also reached out to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos to see if something can be done for hair salons.

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