The Handicapped Development Center (HDC) held its Recognition Dinner November 30 at the Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport. According to a press release, employee excellence awards were presented to extraordinary staff members who display loyalty and initiative, show above average performance on all job duties, have excellent attendance and punctuality, promote teamwork and maintain a positive outlook.

The Handicapped Development Center held its Recognition Dinner November 30

According to the release, here are the award recipients:

Roberta Just

Roberta Just, Prevocational Supervisor, was the Employment Services Staff Excellence Award recipient.  Roberta has held several different positions during her 14 years at HDC, and with each position, she has dedicated herself to helping participants grow and develop.  She is a committed, hard-working employee with a strong work ethic and optimistic outlook that helps her provide the best possible services.

Ashley Farmer

Ashley Farmer, Resident Counselor, received the Community Residential Services Staff Excellence Award.  Ashley has helped many people learn to live in the community by teaching them the necessary skills to maintain a household.  During the past year of continually changing circumstances, Ashley was a calming presence who showed patience and understanding to the participants.  

Kindra Bates

The Residential Center Staff Excellence Award went to Kindra Bates, Resident Aide.  A leader to her coworkers, Kindra establishes an upbeat atmosphere for the residents and a welcoming environment for staff.  She encourages fun while, at the same time, making sure everyone’s needs are met and care is provided.

Kathleen Goodall

Kathleen Goodall, Mealtime Aide, was chosen as the Personal Independence Services award recipient.  During a very busy part of the day when things could be chaotic, Kathy is organized and ensures everyone gets the attention they need and desire.  She ensures a safe and sanitized environment by cleaning and disinfecting everything in her path.  Kathy is a vital asset to the organization and to the people served at HDC.   

Gail Ford

Gail Ford was the Gary Ashcraft Memorial Award recipient.  Her persistent and consistent support of the individuals with whom she works is exemplary.  She is an encouraging and reliable presence in their lives, which provides them with predictability and comfort.  Gail encourages participants to try new things, and she provides them with direction and assistance when needed.  

The mission of the Handicapped Development Center is to passionately advocate on behalf of individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities for them to succeed, to achieve, to grow, and to be happy. For more information, click here.