Handling stress this holiday season

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The holidays might not feel the same this year since the CDC is strongly encouraging people to not travel. That means some will be without their family and friends, which can be hard.

Dr. Steve Kopp, the executive director of Genesis Psychology Associates, said that social distancing during this holiday season might be what people need to do to make sure their loved ones will still be around for the next holidays.

To combat this tough holiday season, he recommends getting in to what is called a flow mindset.

“This is important because when you go in to flow regularly and you practice flow, you essentially go with the flow easier when you’re facing a stressor or adversity so again I really recommend individuals think about something that they really lose themself in and enjoy,” Kopp said.

Ways to do this include participating in your favorite activity, whether that’s running, playing a board game or reading a book. He said that doing things you love can help boost your mood.

He also suggests calling family and friends or doing a group Zoom to still make a digital connection during the holidays.

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