Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has mainly been stoic and focused on “the data” during her daily news briefings about the state’s response to COVID-19. But on Friday, some sadness and even a little anger seemed to break through.

“What else would they have us do that we aren’t already doing?” Reynolds said defiantly after a succession of “shelter in place” questions. 

But a short time later, her voice cracked as she answered a question about COVID-19 doubters.

“I know that’s out there, and I know…” she said before pausing a moment to gather herself. “You know, Iowans are scared, and they’re nervous. And I appreciate that, but we’re going to get through it and if you keep doing what we’ve asked you to do, we will be back to those good days, so hang in there.”

Although Iowa reported 56 new positive cases and two more deaths today, the state does not yet have a positive case in every county. Reynolds said for that reason, a statewide “shelter in place” could do more harm than good.

School was also a topic of the news conference: