Hard work pays off as local kick-boxer receives Black Belt

Local News

Last month we saw Michael Smith, the owner of Ekim’s Karate, Kickboxing, and MMA Dojo receive a 7th degree black belt. On this occasion it was Smith promoting six of his students to the next belt, one of who is now a black belt.

It takes hard work and dedication to achieve a black belt and if you stay committed, it can happen in five years. That was the case for Isabel Garcia who attended training sessions a couple times a week as well as working out a lot. Originally she wanted to learn self defense and it turned into a passion that has helped her live a more healthy lifestyle.

There were five other students who advanced to the next belt and it’s an exciting time for him which brings back memories from when he was promoted.

Smith says that your journey has only begun once you become a black belt because you can continue training and achieve a higher degree.

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