Hateful flyers surface in Moline neighborhood

Local News

When Landon Murray came home on Sunday, he was met with a hateful handout in the driveway, which is not where he receives his mail.

The flyer was created by a white supremacist organization and says that different races should be separated. The handout calls it “racial distancing”.

With current racial tensions being high, Murray says he is not surprised by the hateful messaging.

“I know there are a lot of hate groups out there and just a lot of racial [tension] going on, so I wasn’t surprised,” he said.

He shared the poster on his Facebook page. “I just wanted to make people aware so they could be on the lookout to see if anybody is throwing these in people’s driveways or putting them in people’s mailboxes,” he said.

Photo provided by Landon Murray

Eric Puryear, a local activist and lawyer, says that although hateful flyers like these may continue to surface, people can challenge racism in their everyday lives.

“All of us can make sure that we do what we can each do individually. That includes showing up to protests, speaking out against hate when they see it, speaking up against racism that they may see in their workplace. Making sure they contact their elected officials,” he said.

Puryear and other activists are organizing a peaceful protest at the Bettendorf Police Department on Saturday starting at 4pm. More information can be found here.

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