The situation in Ukraine is on the minds of people here in the Quad Cities.

This weekend, the German American Heritage Center in Davenport hosted a workshop on an ancient Ukrainian art of pysanky.

A popular art form during the Easter season, it’s an elaborate form of egg decorating.

Basically, you are applying wax and dye to an egg.

It’s not coloring — it’s actually writing and adding symbols that have meaning and then adding the color.

“The Ukrainians were doing this before the Christian missionaries came there — not necessarily designs like this,” said Crystal Potthoff, leader of the class. “But the missionaries use what they knew — pysanky — and they Christianized the symbols to teach them about Christ.”

Pothoff adds the current war in Ukraine has made the “egg art” all the more meaningful.

She’ll be demonstrating again at noon Friday, April 1, at the Moline Public Library, 3210 41st St.