Having class in a garden? How one local school is teaching kids different skills

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Sixth grade can be a big year for many reasons, but for students at Bridgeview Elementary School it’s the time they get to work in the garden.

It’s the fifth year of having this and each year it grows. This year’s addition is the greenhouse.

It’s just allowed us to be able to grow more, do more with stuff and have more meaningful work with students,” said Logan Beausoleil, sixth grade teacher who helped start the garden.

And this year, the teachers say it’s even more important for students to have this time out in the garden.

“You see a totally different side to some kids when you get them outside and get them working with their hands,” said Pat Seamer, sixth grade teacher.

What they grow gets sold to Pleasant Valley Food Services and is given to students in the cafeteria.

“When they walk in to the fruit and veggie bar and they see the sign that says tomatoes today from the Bridgeview Garden like aw cool that’s right outside my classroom window,” Seamer said.

The teachers say getting to see the excitement from students makes this worth it.

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