Pedestrians and bicyclists can now safely cross Oregon Street by taking advantage of the HAWK (High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk) system now online at the intersection with Earl Avenue, a news release says. Representatives from the City of Muscatine and Muscatine Power and Water, who were partners on the project, were on hand Friday as the switch was thrown to activate the system.

Muscatine Levee Improvement Project (Muscatine City Hall)

The HAWK system, part of a series of the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine Southend Improvement Projects, will connect the Running River Trail as it comes off the levee at Musser Park with the trail system in Kent Stein Park. The section of trail from Musser to Kent Stein is currently being designed.

Pedestrians and bicyclists using the Muscatine Trail System will be able to safely cross Oregon through the crossing on the north side of the Earl Avenue intersection. Pedestrians can push the button on the pedestrian pole that will activate the system.

The intersection then becomes similar to a controlled intersection with the traffic lights flashing yellow and going to a solid yellow before turning to solid red to stop vehicular traffic. At the same time the stop hand on the pedestrian light will turn brown and indicate that it is safe to walk through the crosswalk. There is a 30-second delay before the stop hand returns and the traffic lights start flashing red to indicate a stop intersection. Once the cycle has been completed, the traffic lights will shut off and traffic will be able to resume normal operation.

Watch a demonstration video of how the HAWK crossing operates here.