The Handicapped Development Center (HDC) held its annual Recognition Dinner honored participants, staff, and supporters on Thursday, Dec. 1, at Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport.   

Achievement Awards were presented to participants in each of HDC’s program areas who have attained their goals, increased their abilities, and put forth extraordinary effort, according to a news release.  

Jamie Gerten earned the Daily Discovery West Achievement Award for his kindness, patience, and encouragement of others. He has achieved many goals, obtained a job in the community, and displayed a great attitude throughout the last year.    

Roger Prior earned the Daily Discovery East Achievement Award. Despite some major life changes during the past year, he persevered, maintained his sense of humor, and embraced his new circumstances.  

Dale Barchman was the HDC Enterprises Award recipient. He has worked at HDC in various capacities for 47 years and enjoys his job so much that he has no plans for retirement. The quality of Dale’s work is exceptional and his dedication to the job is inspiring.   

The Residential Center Award recipient was Daniel Michael. Since making the adjustment to his new home, he has achieved his goals and progressed personally in many important ways.  

Stephanie Kester was the Endeavor Living Award recipient. She has made tremendous strides since moving to her new home. She has built relationships, learned new skills, and accepted the support she needs to succeed.  

Since 1969, HDC has advocated for and provided opportunities to more than 360 individuals with disabilities each year, supporting them to achieve, to succeed, to grow, and to be happy.