‘He fought ’til the end’: Jermier’s mother says her son and son’s father will be missed

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A shooting at a funeral home over the weekend marks two tragedies for a Davenport family.

Now, Kylea Crawford — the mother of the 8-year-old boy whose visitation was the backdrop of the violence — is speaking out tonight.

Crawford and her children live in Minnesota. Her son Jermier died from cancer after a five-year struggle.

She says Jermier was very close to his dad, Jeramie Shorter, who died Saturday doing what she says he did best — protecting his kids.

“It’s just going to be hard getting used to him not being here,” says Crawford.”Everybody loved him. He just loved to do everything. Have fun, he loved his family, his brothers — just a good kid.”

Crawford says Jermier fought so hard.

“He never complained. Like, that’s why I am so strong because he never complained. He just went in there to do what he had to do, and he fought ’til the end,” says Crawford.

She says one of the questions she has is: Why would someone want to harm Jermier’s dad during a time of grieving?

Crawford says, “I couldn’t believe it was happening. Like, why — who would do that?”

She says August 1 will be a day she will never forget.

“You don’t normally hear stuff like this. His dad went to his funeral. He was only trying to protect his kids, and he lost his life. None of that should go down while his kids are around. Like, all his kids were outside. It was nothing but kids,” says Crawford.

She says the incident is tragic, but just as Jermier fought to stay strong, she has to do the same for her kids and family.

“He was just so happy, He kept me going. I know now I have to stay strong for little Jeramie. I have to stay strong for him,” says Crawford.

Crawford says the family has not set up a GoFundMe account, but she says she has seen fake ones online.

She says if someone wants to contribute to the family, they can do that through her cash app at $TeamMier.

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