‘He just picked the wrong street, for me, to turn down.’ Friday chase ends in crash, 3 in custody

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Three people were in custody Friday night after a police chase involving a stolen truck ended with a crash into a parked SUV in the area of Bridge Avenue and Dover Court, Davenport.

Police began chasing the stolen vehicle at about 7:45 p.m. The truck, which ended up in a yard in the residential neighborhood, was stolen, police said.

Multiple Davenport police squad cars, at least one Blue Grass squad and Scott County Sheriff’s deputies were at the scene. Officers, including a crime-scene technician, talked with witnesses and searched the area.

While neighbors gathered in the area, several officers ran to assist a woman who yelled after she apparently found a suspect hiding in her home nearby. Officers quickly brought out the suspect from the front door and placed her in a squad car.

A neighbor, who asked our Local 4 News – the only station at the scene – not to use his name, talked about the experience of having his SUV damaged as a result of a pursuit.

“I didn’t see anything until after the fact,” he said. He heard the sirens, “But you know, it’s next to the hospital, You don’t think anything when you hear some sirens going by, until I heard a loud peeling sound, like someone taking a corner way too fast” and then “that very distinct crashing, crunching sound.”

“I go to my window, I take a look out, and I see my car pushed up here on the sidewalk, and another truck behind it here up on the sidewalk as well.”

He didn’t see anyone run away, but he did see officers swarm onto the scene.

He hoped his car wasn’t totaled. Debris from the crash lay in the street.

“It’s been relatively peaceful most of my life,” he said. “Up until recently, and then last year there was that shooting that happened on this street. That’s the first time anything like that ever happened.”

“Otherwise, it’s very calm and nice.”

“He just picked the wrong street, for me, to turn down.”

We do not know whether anyone has been arrested or what charges may be involved. Local 4 News and www.ourquadcities.com will provide details when they become available.

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