“He was my everything” Rock Island mother speaks out after losing her son in fatal accident at Kimberly and Wisconsin

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Almost two weeks ago three people were killed in an overnight accident at Wisconsin and Kimberly Road in Davenport. Police say a car ran a stop sign and slammed into another. Both vehicles caught fire and went into a ravine.

Since last September there have been five accidents at that intersection. Neighbors have asked for a traffic light, but a Davenport Engineer says that neither street has enough traffic to meet that threshold.

Local Four spoke with Michelle Schmook, the mother of one of the victims. Her son was 26 year old Kendall Schmook. When she went to bed a couple weeks ago, everything seemed to be normal. But she received a call from one of Kendall’s friends.

“Kendall and his friend were driving in town on Kimberly Road just to go to the gas station to get some snacks and another individual came up Wisconsin and didn’t stop at the stop sign and t-boned my son and everyone died on impact.”

Schmook says that the world lost a wonderful young man.

“Kendall was just a good kid. I mean he always looked out for other people. When someone was sad he would try to bring them up. He had a very big heart.”

Kendall’s step father says that he would always do anything that was asked of him and he was always in a good mood.

“His laugh was contagious to me. He was always respectful.”

Right now there is a gaping hole in Schmook’s heart.

“He was my everything. We grew up together. Since he’s been gone my insides keep shaking and I don’t know what to do.”

Schmook went out to the site to see Kendall’s car to see if anything survived the fire.

“Kendall had dreads past his butt. He loved his hair. It was so long and so fun. I just needed to find a dread, but there was nothing.”

Schmook says no mother should have to deal with the loss of a child and she wants to see something done to improve the safety of the intersection of Kimberly and Wisconsin.

“Too many people have died out there already. It makes no sense.” Said Schmook. “I don’t know why rumble sticks or something can’t be put down or they say there’s not enough traffic for a stop light. Okay I get that, but something… like even how they cut the concrete. The wake up strips, something to draw people’s attention to the stop sign.”

The Davenport Engineer that we talked to says that it’s IDOT’s responsibility to add safety measures at the intersection.

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