Health officials warns public to continue to use precautions as COVID cases spike locally

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The race to vaccine continues in the Quad Cities as COVID-19 cases climb again.

Local health officials express their concerns about the numbers.

Rock Island County is under a state warning level because of rising cases.

It’s happening here and across the country after months of declining numbers.

This change could turn into a serious setback if the trend continues.

Friday in the county there were 41 new cases reported.

That’s the highest health officials have seen in recent months.

They say looser mitigations, celebrating holidays, and spring break travel could be contributing factors to the spike.

“We know that it’s been a year, and people are so tired of this, but COVID is not done with us yet,” says Janet Hill, Chief Operating Officer with Rock Island County Health Department. “We have noticed a trend of it being younger people. So we have some theories of it could be people who have went to a St. Patrick’s Day party, or maybe people who went on spring break.”

Even as the pace of vaccinations accelerates in the Quad Cities public health officials warn there are still things to do to prevent the spread.

“You still need to wear your mask, wash your hands, and social distance. You still need to take those precautions,” says Hill.

Doctor Muddasir Ashraf is a doctor at Unity Point Health.

There is a slow increase again. Scott County I looked at the report, and they were saying a number of positive tests have doubled in the last few days,” says Dr. Ashraf.

Dr. Ashraf says people should watch the numbers and continue to take precaution.

Dr. Ashraf says, “It is not over yet, and what I would suggest as a physician is to continue to do due diligence, social distancing handwashing.”

“Little spikes turn into big spikes, and we really need to get this under control. Especially since there are variants in the community. We know there are variants, and they are affecting younger people,” says Hill.

Health officials are urging people to get their vaccine when they become eligible. They say that’s the one true way one getting out of the pandemic.

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