Iowa’s Secretary of State Paul Pate encourages sexual-violence survivors to register for Iowa Stay at Home, a program dedicated to protecting victims of sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, and more. The program gives survivors a substitute address they can use on government documents and public records, so they don’t have to release their real location.

A representative of Family Resources described why confidentiality resources like this can be so important to those escaping a dangerous situation.

“Abusers will go to great lengths to locate a survivor when they feel they have lost control.” Kristen Wray, Family Resource’s Iowa domestic abuse and sexual assault supervisor said.

In 2020, more than 3,000 Iowans were convicted of a crime involving sexual violence. The Iowa Department of Public Health says one in three Iowan women is expected to experience sexual contact violence in her lifetime.

“I can tell you in our state it’s far too high,” Pate said.

Pate hopes more victims of these types of crimes have access to the many resources available for help. Family Resources in Davenport has a 24-hour crisis line:

Iowans can call 866-921-3354 and those in Illinois can find help at 309-797-1777.

A more comprehensive list of resources for help can be found here.